Complete supplier for the demolition, recycling and sanitation industry
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Mission and core values


Dehaco is the total supplier for the demolition, recycling and remediation industry. Our organisation stands for superior quality, in terms of both service and products.

Our core values

Our core values are the guideline to how we want to deal with each other, our customers and our suppliers.


For us, it is all about the customer. We want to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. After all, without satisfied customers there is no basis for success.


Open and honest: the basis of every relationship we enter into. Only mutual trust will allow us to contribute to tomorrow’s success.


It is all about quality. Not only do we provide a total package of exclusively high-quality products, our services and organisation also excel in quality.


One does not become and stay market leader by sitting back and doing nothing. We closely monitor the trends and developments in our market segment and we are leading in launching new and innovative solutions.


Dehaco wants to learn. Dehaco want to make progress. Dehaco wants to win. Call it passion. Call it enthusiasm. 

We take pleasure in being available to you every day!