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    COVID-19 and the interfaces with the asbestos industry

    The (corona) virus that spreads rapidly among the world's population causes panic and uncertainty. What we know is that the virus spreads through respiratory drops, colds, flu and cough particles. These “particles” in the air are collected or inhaled by another person and see: the contamination is there.

    The virus has many interfaces with the asbestos remediation industry. For example, asbestos also consists of “particles” in the air that must not be inhaled or collected. This means that we have a lot of experience with building enclosed spaces, personal protective equipment, air cleaning and decontamination.

    As an organization, we are happy to make our knowledge available. For example, we have been able to help hospitals in Asia through the large-scale outbreak of the COVID-19 virus by supplying products and knowledge with which quarantine rooms could be easily built. By placing a special “Cleanroom Door”, air cleaning machine, hoses and the Longopack, a temporary quarantine space was created.

    In addition to creating quarantine areas, we also have the knowledge and products for personal protection and decontamination in-house. Everything to ensure that health care workers can work safely, decontaminate and are not eligible for harmful substances.

    We like to point out that the most recent findings in America about the viability of the virus, in which a particle remains active in the air for up to three hours, are that cleaning the air is very important. Especially in small public areas, such as waiting rooms, where many people come together. In a (for us) simple way that we use in the asbestos industry, we can minimize this chance of contamination. This is possible by cleaning the air with machines equipped with a HEPA H13 filter. A HEPA filter collects particles from the air, so that the air in a room is cleaned.

    As an organization, we would like to help, think along and scale up with availability. Hopefully we can join forces!

    If you want more information and / or have additional questions, you can always contact us by phone via +31(0)88-2020600 or by email: