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Dehaco Group proves itself again
Dehaco Group proves itself again
Dehaco opens new cleanroom
Dehaco opens new cleanroom

Dehaco opens new cleanroom

The new Dehaco Cleanroom is currently unique and equipped with the latest technology. Everything in this space about the health and safety of people and the environment. This is worked out in the smallest details:

Access to the Cleanroom

First of all, you do not just enter the cleanroom. You must, of course, be in possession of a DAV certificate and wear the required protective clothing. Access to the various rooms is provided with fast-access doors. Everything has been built up so that there is enough space to bring the machines to the workspace via the material locks (there is also an intermediate lock). These locks are provided with a security that only one door opens each time. This prevents the required underpressure in the workspace from being too far differ and asbestos particles get out of the containment.

The workspace

In the cleanroom, employees work with dependent respiratory protection. Although this is normally only required at the highest remediation class Dehaco gives the safety of its employees the highest priority and for that reason we are working according to the highest safety standards.

Outside the containment, the amount of negative pressure is measured and recorded by means of a 4-channel Bulk Air vacuum monitor for each space separately. There are cameras by means of which from the outside can be seen that there are no irregularities occur, such as the sudden release of a large amount of dust. That brings us to the next: dust control.

Dust control

Is there suddenly a large amount of dust? Or do you want to make sure that most of the asbestos particles are already reduced? With a push on the button, a spray system can be activated separately from each other, from lock to working area, in all different spaces, which reduces the amount of dust immediately drastically.
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