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    Dehaco Tera Dust Control Systems

    Preventing dust emissions during demolition, renovation and recycling operations is becoming commonplace and extremely important. Governments are applying stricter regulations during demolition operations. This in an attempt to prevent local residents and the workforce from suffering from respiratory problems. Therefore Dehaco has developed the new generation of innovative dust control units. The range of possible applications has been broadened, making the Tera’s highly effective when preventing asbestos being released from burning building, on recycling centres, handling of raw materials and odour control at waste treatment centres.

    The Dehaco Tera is the champion in dust control!

    Tera 230V/110V-series
    tera 230v110vseries

    Tera 230V/110V-series

    Tera 400V-series
    tera 400vseries

    Tera 400V-series