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    Monday the 7th of June 2021, we start the Keepie Uppie Challenge European Championship 2021! 
    You might have noticed that countries in Europe have decided to imitate this tournament of Dehaco B.V. 
    by organizing the UEFA European Championship 2021, how original! 

    Anyway, we will not be deterred by these copy-cat clowns as our tournament is way better. 

    At the moment we have orange football shirts in stock, which will be delivered to you the coming week. 
    The choice for the color of the shirt was not a hard one, as it is usable for multiple events; like when you proudly want to wear it on the 11th of July on your trip to London where you can join the celebrating Orange Legion.  

    Keepie Uppie Challenge

    Let’s continue with the details of the Keepie Uppie Challenge. 

    We are delighted to announce that more European countries have joined the Keepie Uppie Challenge than ever before! 

    Start >       All dealers will receive the Orange Dehaco football shirt.  

    Step 1 >     Put on the football shirt, and make sure your mustache looks flabbergasting.

    Step 2 >     Buy a football, or steal one from your little nephew.

    Step 3 >     Practice keeping the ball up in the air for a couple of hours (like we did) to not make a fool of yourself on video.

    Step 4 >     Politely ask a colleague to make a video of you while you try to keep the football in the air by 
    using your two legs (using your hands is forbidden, see Dehaco Keepie Uppie tournament regulations art. 14 section a).

    Step 5 >     Ask your colleague to make a second video of you, because you failed too hard the first time over. 

    Step 6 >     The goal is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible by using your feet. 
    Send us the video by mail or WhatsApp.

    After all the videos are sent to us, the ballots will be assembled and the votes will be counted. 
    We will announce the winner of the Keepie Uppie Challenge European Championship 2021. 

    Point of order 1.

    As you might have noticed on the map, Russia is excluded from the tournament for trying to bribe the Dehaco tournament jury back in 2016. According to the regulations we have to publish the official complaint Russia made to the European court of the Rights of competing autocracies: “It is true that we tried to bribe the Dehaco Keepie Uppie tournament Jury, but only after threatening did not work. Moreover, Dehaco kept the money and eventually decided not to make our contestant Mr. Vladimir Big chest Putin the winner.”

    Response of the Jury coming in from the Bahamas: “The Jury evaluated the complaint of Russia and decided to declare that the complaint is unlawful due to technical inaccuracies in the filing process.” End of Point of order 1.

    As you can see the tournament is totally fair. We invite all Dealers to join and send us your videos! 


    We will announce the winner as soon as possible. 

    The price of the Keepie Uppie 2021 tournament is a Football price cup made of chocolate! 
    There is no way you can resist that! 

    The Keepie Uppie Challenge runs until July 11, 2021 • Hurry while stocks last