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    The all-in-one solution for dust control

    The new Tera 60 GTM

    Let us introduce you to the Tera 60 GTM, a real winner at world’s leading construction machinery trade fair; the 2019 Bauma. This machine is a Dehaco produced all-in-one solution for dust control. The new Tera is not dependent on water supply nor electricity supply, as the unit is equipped with a built-in generator and water tank. Perfect for an operating situation without a water supply available! Moreover, the dust control unit features the possibility to be connected with the water supply in the field.

    The Tera 60 GTM is a fine-tuned extension to the existing Tera series. The new dust control unit is a result of a symbiosis, developed and designed with the in-house expertise of the Dehaco production team in cooperation with customers whom are active users of the Tera series. The Tera’s have successfully proven themselves in recent years belonging to the top-selling dust control systems. The range of possible applications has been broadened with the Tera 60 GTM, making it highly effective when preventing asbestos being released from burning buildings, preventing dust from spreading at recycling centers and controlling odour nuisance at waste treatment sites.           

    Moreover, the unit is designed for preventing dust emissions during demolition, renovation and recycling operations. Governments are applying stricter regulations during demolition operations, usage of dust control units is therefore increasingly common. With these measures, governmental bodies aim to prevent local residents and operating staff from contracting health issues.

    What distinguishes the Tera 60 GTM from competition, is the technology used to disperse the outgoing water flow. The way dust control units operate is by spraying a fine water mist to which the dust particles stick. Conventional nozzles are very sensitive to maintenance, because the nozzles clog up with lime and dust particles from the water. This is not an issue for the Tera series, owing to the usage of the revolutionary Demto-Rotor. The rotating fan has been specially designed for the Tera series and fits perfectly with the cone. The rotating spray head is designed with openings that distribute the water evenly when operating. The openings are designed in such a way that lime and dust particles do not clog up. Adding to that, the unit features the application of adjusting droplet sizes with a single push on a button.

    The galvanized steel frame of the Tera 60 GTM is built for carrying a heavy load and features integrated water tank. This water tank is placed on the underside of the unit and is equipped with baffle plates. This ensures that the Tera is well balanced when on the move, as a result the towing vehicle experiences an enhanced road holding. In addition, the top cover of the machine can be disassembled and is therefore accessible at all times. The Tera 60 GTM is also available without agricultural undercarriage, drawbar and support legs and can be found under the name Tera 60 GTX.

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