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    New series of negative pressure machines with deconta connect

    For some time now, Dehaco has taken on the German brand deconta for the development and production of negative pressure units. Since 1990, deconta has been developing and producing high-quality products for the removal of asbestos. The company is always looking for new technologies for the customer, which brings us to the launch of a new range of negative pressure units with "connect" function. A function that collects all the data on the negative pressure units for you in the Cloud.

    The S-series, a new generation of negative pressure units
    The new series of negative pressure machines, the “ S-series”, replaces the existing "ECO" series. But don't worry, because these new machines are as strong and reliable as the "ECO" series. They also have a steel and robust housing, are also lightweight and have energy-efficient carbon brushless motors. In addition, the machine is equipped with an industrial touch screen, making it easy to operate. And what's so nice about the new S-series is that you can choose the "connect" functionality at the underpressure machine. This allows you to keep track of all data in the Cloud.