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General terms and conditions


‘Fifteen Day Deal’ 2017


  1. The following terms with capital letters shall be applied in these Promotional Conditions:
  • Dehaco: supplier and seller of the Promotional Product, i.e. Dehaco B.V.
  • Promotional Area: the area within the Benelux in which the promotion takes place.
  • Promotional Product: the product being promoted during the promotional period through the ‘Fifteen Days Deal’.
  • Promotional Conditions: these promotional terms and conditions of Dehaco B.V.
  • Additional Conditions: the additional conditions set during the Promotion Period to any promotional means, including but not limited to leaflets, websites and newsletters.
  • Participant: the natural or legal entity who participates in the promotions and who is also entitled to do so, under the Promotional Conditions.


  1. These Promotional Conditions shall apply to the ‘Fifteen Days Deal’ and is an initiative of Dehaco B.V., located at Kruisbaak 25, 2165 AJ Lisserbroek (hereinafter: ‘Dehaco’), for the promotion of the Promotional Product.    
  2. The promotional period starts every 1st of the month at 00:01 am and ends every 15th of the month at 23:59 pm. It is always a temporary promotion. All orders received after the 15th of each month, are excluded from the promotion.
  3. Dehaco is entitled to alter the Promotional Conditions during the promotion, and reserves the right to prematurely terminate or extended the promotion at any time, without giving any reason.
  4. The prices applicable to the promotion do not include VAT, unless otherwise stated.
  5. The promotion is valid while stocks last.


  1. Any natural or legal entity and his place of residence or place of business within the Promotional Area, is entitled to participate in the promotion.
  2. Participation in the promotion is automatic if the conditions stated in the Additional Conditions and Promotional Conditions are met.


  1. The prices quoted are subject to any printing and typing errors.
  2. Dehaco is not liable for any damage to the Participant as a result of participating in the Promotion.
  3. In case of any contradiction between the Additional Conditions and Promotional Conditions, the Additional Conditions will prevail.
  4. In such cases for which these Additional Conditions or the Promotional Conditions do not provide, Dehaco will make the final decision.
  5. The General Terms of Delivery of Dehaco apply to all promotions, quotations and agreements with Dehaco, and can be found on


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