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DSG450-F Demolition and sorting grab without rotation| 4 - 6 ton

Article number1210.0041
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DSG450-F Demolition and sorting grab without rotation

The DSG demolition and sorting grabs from Dehaco are well known for being very reliable and powerful machines. The grabs can be used for a wide range of work applications. This brochure will give you an idea of the applications, features and (technical) specifica- tions of these machines.

Dehaco’s hydraulic demolition and sorting grabs can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as sor- ting, demolition and clearing a variety of materials, moving wood or construction materials.

The grabs are light, yet large in volume and highly manoeuvrable. The stationary cylinder(s) prevent the hydraulic hoses from moving, limiting damage to a minimum.

Technical data

Carrier weight class 5-8 ton
Weight 290 kg
Operating pressure 300 bar
Operating pressure rotation 190 - 210 bar
Oil flow 40 l/min.
Oil flow rotation 12 l/min.
Shell width 700 mm
Jaw opening 1.500 mm
Height 875 mm
Capacity 150 l
Closing force 24 kN