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TF2100 Rotary drum cutter 28 - 45 ton

Article number3210.0012
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TF2100 Rotary drum cutter 28 - 45 ton

The rotary drum cutters wheels are used in activities such as digging trenches for laying pipelines, cables or drainage, tunnel construction and digging mine shafts. But these powerful rotary drum cutter also offer superior usability in demolition and renovation of buildings

The hydraulic rotary drum cutters are suitable for 2.5 to 70 ton excavators and can be quickly and easily attached to the circuit for hydraulic breakers, shears and grabs. The rotary drum cutters include an integrated hydraulic safety valve and the seals and bearings have been calculated for heavy duty works. The direct drive motor provides high power and the final performance of each rotary drum cutter is dependant on the hydraulic adjustment of the respective excavator.

Weight 2410 kg
Width 950 mm
Oilflow 240 - 340 l/min
Operating pressure max. 350 bar

Drain line required.