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Dehaco D260 3-stage decontamination unit single axle chassis colour white

Article number6210.0005
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For situations involving working with hazardous materials, Dehaco has a mobile solution. Namely, the decontamination unit. This unit is mainly used for soil remediation and during emergencies such as avian flu and swine flu.


The D260 is standard equipped with

  • Single axle chassis, fully galvanized
  • 2x extendible threaded support leg
  • Aisle way
  • 3 Compartments
  • 138 litre water tank, including feed pump
  • Electric boiler
  • Lighting (24V)
  • Electric heating 500W in clean room
  • Frost-protection 500W in technical room
  • Fire extinguisher and first aid kit in clean room
  • Shower with thermostatic tap in shower room
  • Coat hooks in contamination and clean room
  • Roof hatch in the shower room can be opened for daylight and ventilation
  • Polyester decking
  • 3 Drains, drain in shower room connected to a discharge point
  • Stickers "contaminated room" and "clean room" 


Technical details

  • Volume: 138 litre water tank
  • Dimensions: 2.60x1.55x2.95 metre
  • Weight: 620 kg
  • Chassis: Single axle
  • Electricity connection: 3-pole CEE plug
  • Water connection: GK coupling 1/2"
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