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Deconta ECO-Line 750 personnel showerlock (3-stage)

Article number6410.0007
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Deconta ECO-Line 750 personnel showerlock (3-stage)

The ECO-line personnel shower consists of 3 compartments: a clean room, a shower room and a contaminated room. The number of rooms can be freely chosen and no special elements or tools are required to connect the rooms together. Aluminium corner profiles are used to tension the floor and roof panels, resulting in high degree of stability. Floor and roof panels are edged with aluminium profiles. The Quick-Dush decontamination system is transported and stored in a transport box.

Model 750

  • Dimensions per room, interior: 730 x 730 x 1965 mm

  • Dimensions per room, exterior: 750 x 750 x 2000 mm

  • Weight: 150 kg