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Foster 32-60 Asbestos Removal Surfactant blue 25 litres

Article number8410.0001
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Foster Asbestos Removal Surfactant is specially developed to passivate asbestos containing materials during removal.

Foster Asbestos Removal Surfactant penetrates all types of asbestos deeply and quickly, including amosite and crocidolite. Foster Asbestos Removal Surfactant encapsulates the fibres and binds the loose fibres on
the surface after drying. It also ensures loose fibres do not become airborne during removal (wetting-out).

When atomising 32-60, the first application adheres to the asbestos fibres
in the ambient air which then drop to the ground. The asbestos fibres then
attach to the substratum or the protective film. This simplifies the removal of the films from the workspace.