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DTS100, 230V/110V

Article number6610.0003
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Dehaco carpet stripper DTS100

The Dehaco carpet strippers are very professional and easy to operate strip machines for the efficient and easy removal of all kinds of floor coverings. One of the strengths of these Dehaco carpet strippers is that the surface remains in excellent condition. 

The "running versions" DTS100 and DTS170 are compact machines and extremely user-friendly due to a forward and backward position, which is ideal for small spaces. Moreover, they have a minimal sound and vibration level and are therefore also very suitable for renovation of office buildings, even when the office staff is still present.

The electric caterpillar stripper is ideal for larger surfaces with carpet, linoleum or sports floors. The "driver" takes place on the stripper and can easily be operated with the handles and buttons.

The DTS100 is a very professional carpet stripper for quickly removing all glued types of floor covering and tarpaulin.


  • Suitable for work in small spaces
  • Strong motor (1500 watts) with starting current limitation
  • Great ease of use due to a forward and reverse position
  • Silent motor
  • Optimum safety through safety switch
  • Easy to transport (stem and weights removable)
  • Various blades available
  • Available in 230 and 110 Volt versions

Technical details

  • Voltage: 230/110 Volt
  • Power: 1.65 kW
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Working width: 250 mm
  • Speed ​​strip motor: 2840 rpm