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Rae ToxiRae Pro LEL

Article number6810.0015
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The ToxiRAE Pro is the largest wireless personal single gas detector in the range. They reliably and accurately monitor a wide range of toxic industrial gases (ToxiRAE Pro), volatile organic compounds (ToxiRAE Pro PID) and flammable gases (ToxiRAE Pro LEL).



  • Access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status anywhere and at any time via ProRAE Guardian wireless security system or EchoView portable controller.
  • Fivefold alarm, including 4 local alarms on the device + wireless transmission of an alarm to remote observer(s).
  • Robust.


Technical details

  • Dimensions: 118x60x30 mm
  • Weight: 235 gram
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Pumped: No
  • Acoustic alarm: Yes
  • Vibration alarm: Yes
  • LED alarm: Yes
  • Measurement range VOC 10,6 eV: 1-1000 ppm
  • Measurement range LEL: 0-100%