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Occasion: IBEX 1200GS, 13 - 18 ton

Article number1090.0043
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Occasion: IBEX 1200GS Hydraulic breaker

Breaking rocks, trenching, breaking concrete structures and buildings, asphalt and paving breaking, removing slag from blast furnaces and ladles, secondary rock breaking… When controlled force is necessary the IBEX hydraulic breakers from Dehaco are in a class of their own. Outstanding quality, extremely versatile, an amass of power and durability.

Dehaco’s years of experience has led to the development of hydraulic breakers that are extremely reliable and simple to maintain. The high quality – Dutch design – guarantees excellence. All models are protected by a specially designed housing, making them suitable for the broadest variety of applications.

Consequently inspection points have been introduced in the housing, allowing regular checks to be made on the through bolts. The housing can withstand the toughest conditions and has a modern appearance. An optional automatic lubrication system makes it even simpler to keep the breaker in perfect condition. In combination with a special set the breakers can also be operated underwater.

Technical data

Article number GHV-IB1200-2
Serial number 13L-1255
Year 02-2015
Weight (incl. tool) 1150 kg
Working weight (incl. tool, top plate and hoses) 1400 kg
Oil flow 90 - 120 l/min
Impact rate 450 - 800 bpm
Impact force 3460 Joule
Tool diameter 120 mm



  • Automatic lubrication system