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Scott Aviva 40 half face mask size M

Article number7010.0090
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Half face masks shield the nose and mouth from the working area and are therefore comfortable and suitable for less polluted working environments. A half face mask is equipped with one or more replaceable filters and is therefore suitable for many different types of work. When a blower unit is connected, a half face mask can act as a positive pressure system.

•    Single filter half mask utilising the Pro2000 range of filters
•    Reflex seal absorbs facial movements, maintaining protection
•    Easy to use leak check mechanism
•    Goggle pinch - designed for improved eye PPE integration
•    Enhanced voice intelligibility
•    Comfortable, durable head cradle suitable for use underneath headwear
•    READY-PAK option for clean storage and easy transportation

Also available in sizes:

Size S - 7010.0088

Size L -  7010.0087