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Scott FH61 Procap Weld excluding air hose with coupling

Article number7010.0072
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The specially developed compact Procap will become the new standard for protection in hazardous environments such as metallurgy, mining, foundry work, construction, demolition, and shipbuilding. Procap features numerous innovative ergonomic safety features and is integrated with respiratory, head, face, eyes and ears protection systems.

Excellent face protection

The Procap can be used with many different types of visors including welding visors. For protection against heat and infra-red radiation, you can select between a clear, tinted or gold-coloured visor.


Technical details

  • Weight: 900 gram
  • Respiratory protection: EN12941 TH2 with Proflow
  • Respiratory protection: EN1835 LDH2 with Air-line
  • Head protection: EN397
  • Eye and face: EN166
  • Welding visor: EN175
  • Optional hearing protection: EN352-3


Hearing protection

Special top-quality hearing protection is available to attach to the helmet (SNR 26 or 29 available).


Compressed air supply

The Scott T/A-LINE regulator ensures the Procap provides clean breathing air from a compressor. The regulator is equipped with a warning signal, a connection for compressed air tools, a multifunctional silencer and an odour filter with contamination indicator. The device can be worn either left or right.

The T/A-LINE is recommended in particular when the nature of the contamination makes using a filtering respiration protection device impossible or too costly. The light weight and extremely low noise levels makes it an attractive alternative for all users when a suitable air supply is available.