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Dehaco Safety Service


Calibration and repair service

Fit-test service

Technical Support

Calibration and repair service

To test and re-adjust your measuring equipment, we offer a calibration service for the following products:

  • Monitors
  • Masks
  • Gas detection
  • Air movers
  • Decontamination units
  • Water management systems
  • Breathing compressors
  • Hand tools
  • Milling machines
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Floor strippers
  • Independent air systems

Our products are designed to measure with high precision. However sometimes accuracy can be reduced due to conditions such as improper storage, temperature fluctuations or misuse. We therefore recommend you to have your equipment regularly calibrated. At least once a year. In certain cases it may be necessary to have tools calibrate more frequently. Use your internal quality policy to check the requirements for your company. 

In certain cases it may be necessary to have tools calibrate more frequently. Use your internal quality policy to check the requirements for your company. 

ISO 9001 certified in 3 steps
We are certified for the ISO 9001 quality management system. We offer a service in three steps:
1. Verification of accuracy
We compare the accuracy of your tools with the accuracy as defined in the "manufacturer's specifications" in the user manual. 
2. Adjustment, cleaning and maintenance
If a product does not meet the original specificaitons, we can adjust it and make it accurate again. We also clean and inspect the product and ensure that it works correctly before we send it back to you.
3. Documentation
We also add a cerfificate confirming that the tool meets the requirements.

Fit-test service

The goal of respiratory protection is that an employee is optimally protected against hazardous substances. But how do you know for sure that the mask you wear also offers the right protection?

What can Dehaco do for you?

Dehaco thinks it is important to let your employees experience when a product works well. For this reason, Dehaco offers the fit test. The fit test can be performed at the Dehaco office in Lisserbroek and from 10 people on location.

Fit-test on location?
With a minimum of 10 people, the fit test can also be carried out on location within the Benelux. If you want to use this service, the location must in any case meet the following conditions:
- The space must have an area of approximately 4 x 3 meters. 
- Preferably the location is on the ground floor. 
- The room must not be ventilated (or the vertilation must be able to be switched off).
- The room must be equipped with a power connection.
- There must be a waiting area nearby the fit test room.
We would like to point out that you can not eat, drink and / or smoke an hour before the fit test. In addition, you must have shaved. 


We are certified

Dehaco is a SafetySign® approved company for face fittesting :







Technical support

We are always looking for the best solutions and the best possible service. We try to keep your product or machine in optimum condition at the lowest possible cost. 

We are always available for telephone support or on-site service. 

  088 - 20 20 600